Lotte World Adventure Busan


Isn't it so cool?

Seeing it in person is even better!

The picture looks really good, like an animation movie.

It is so huge and well made.

Weekends are really crowded, so please use weekdays.

There is so much to see at night!

The night parade is also really good!

Can you see the kids? Kids really like it~

Be sure to wear a raincoat when riding this.

It's a water bomb haha

There are plenty of rides and things to see with children as well as adults.

It's a real highlight!

The daytime parade is as follows.

Be sure to watch the rides and parade at night~~

I'm very satisfied~



Full-day Pass Adult: 47,000 won

Full-day Pass Teenager: 39,000 won

Full-day Pass Child/Senior: 33,000 won

Full-day Pass Baby: 12,000 won

Afternoon Pass Adult: 36,000 won

Afternoon Pass Teenager: 32,000 won

Afternoon Pass Child/Senior: 30,000 won

Afternoon Pass Baby: 12,000 won

📛 shop name - Lotte World Adventure Busan
🗺️ address - 42 Dongbusan Gwangwang-ro, Gijang-eup, Gijang-gun, Busan, South Korea
⏲️ business hours - 10:00~21:00
💜 Hot menu - Talking Tree, Lorry Castle
📞 phone - 1661-2000
🅿️ parking - Available
  • 😀 brief evaluation :Ride the rides and do the parade, and the nighttime is especially prettier~
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