Seomyeon - Street of Youth


"On weekends, the place gets incredibly crowded with people.

These days, there is a trend of focusing more on Seomyeon 2nd Street rather than Seomyeon 1st Street."

"The area around Seomyeon 2nd Street has an abundance of clubs, bars, and entertainment venues, which attracts a larger number of people."

On weekends, there are crowds of people until the late hours of the dawn.

There are two street food cart areas:
1.Near the back entrance of Lotte Department Store.
2.Between Seomyeon 2nd Street and Central Park Apartments.

📛 shop name - Seomyeon
🗺️ address - 694 Jungang-daero, Busanjin-gu, Busan, South Korea
⏲️ business hours - 24 hours open
💜 Hot menu - Busan's best downtown area, clubs, pubs, cafes, shopping
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